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NYC and Surrounding Areas Open

We are officially open NYC! Currently seeking full time Nannies and Caregivers in the City, Westchester, and Nassau Counties.  Send your resume to for consideration.  #NYC #NewYorkNannies #NassauNY #Westchester #EastCoast #Nanny #EastCoastNanny #NannyLife

The Professionals Guide to the Ultimate Nanny List-Webinar

Free Webinar: Wednesday Oct 19th 2:30pm PST

Rock Your Nanny Interview

  • Go dressed like a professional.  No cut offs, no short shorts, no tattoos showing, major piercings, or
    flashy clothing.  Don’t show up in your sweats, and do not show midriff with a crop top.  Keep jewelry to a minimum, nail polished neutral, and hair groomed (no crazy colors please).  Think of a dressy pair of jeans and a blouse.  No excessive jewelry.  If it is a Personal Assistant job a suit or more professional attire may be appropriate.  Otherwise, think simple stylish and classy. 
  • Go with your resume printed and any other supporting documents in a folder.  DO NOT SHOW UP EMPTY HANDED.  THINK PORTFOLIO WITH LAMINATED PAGES. 
  • Do a little research before you go on Google and Linked In.  Know who are meeting with.  
  • Bring a pen and a notepad
  • Make business cards if possible.  Visit and put something together with your name, position title, phone number, and email address and or social media profile.
  • If you want to look like a real pro create a nice resume and overall profile on Linked In.  It will wow our clients and other prospective employers.
  • Come with a notebook to take notes.  Prepare a list of questions for the meeting. 
How long would you like a commitment for this position?
Tell me some of the most important things to you about this position? 
How long was your last nanny here? What did you like most about her?  What did she need to work on? 
What can I do that would make things run really smoothly in your home? 
What do you think is the most important quality for this position.
  • Do not be late.  Arrive at least 10 minutes early and wait in your car and be exactly on time.  Clock your trip the day before the interview.  Give yourself an extra 20 minutes.  You can never make a second impression.
  • Look your interviewees directly in the eyes.
  • Think through your answers and be ready!  Read our interview questionnaire and think about how you would handle the questions asked prior to the meeting.
  • Send a thank you!  Whether it is a hand written note by mail, a text message, or an email.  ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU  Even if you don’t want the job.  You never know who people know. 

Download our Salary Guide! 

Pediatric Care in Orange County-Our Partners

It's happening-June 1st...Kundalini Windansea, Meditate, Moms, Love.


Empowering Your New Motherhood

Welcoming a new baby is one of life’s most amazing gifts. It’s also one of the most challenging times a woman will face. In addition to the physical changes that take place, a new mother has powerful emotional changes to process too. She is recovering from birth, learning to care for this new person in her life, and often overwhelmed with the love she feels for her tiny baby. It’s a unique time in her life and she needs all the support she can get.

Minimizing Power Struggles in an Effective Way


The Art of Babysitting:  Best Practices for Sitters

Working as a babysitter/sitter is as much about making the parents happy, as it is about making the children happy. The best sitters, the ones that all of the families in the neighborhood want, the one that gets all of the jobs on, the one that gets asked to return every time parents need someone to watch their children, are the best for a reason, and simply put that reason is because they put in the time and effort to be the best. In this article you will find some of the best practices that have proven most effective in making both the parents and children happy.

Most Common Questions We Get From New Moms

I regularly speak to new mothers typically between 3 and 6 weeks after giving birth.  It is very common for them to call our office and say, “I don’t want to hire a Nanny but my husband thinks I should to get a break sometimes.”  They usually tell me how guilty they feel about abandoning their baby and not doing a proper job as a mother.  We set so many expectations of ourselves as new mothers and are our toughest critics.  

Coast Pediatrics Del Mar Opens Second Location in Carmel Valley!

We would like to show our support for our partners in the local medical community by announcing the opening of Coast Pediatrics of Carmel Valley.  Over the years are frequently asked who we recommend in the local community and have always referred our patients to Shakha Gillin, MD, FAAP, Rob Warner, MD, and Lori Taylor, MD at their Del Mar location.  It is exciting news for the San Diego community that they are expanding the practice and we feel extremely comfortable referring our clients to them.  Please read their recent flyer with background on the practice and the bios of the practicing physicians at their new location!  

Coast Pediatrics Carmel Valley is up and running and accepting new patients! This office has the same small-practice model that our community has embraced at Coast Pediatrics Del Mar.

Our practice style allows us to remain small so that we can form long-term relationships with families and really get to know each child. We offer convenient access, continuity with your doctor, and a technologically advanced office.

Join us as we re-invent pediatrics in San Diego! Tihe practice is conveniently located just off the the 56 freeway exiting Carmel Valley Road, across from Canyon Crest Academy, in the new Trader Joe’s center.

Angelo Del Re, MD has recently relocated to San Diego after practicing pediatrics on the East Coast for 5 years. His interests include newborn wellness and childhood injury prevention. He is looking forward to becoming an integral member of our community, helping nurture strong family relationships and keeping kids healthy and safe.

Christine Wood, MD has been practicing pediatrics over 25 years and authored a book on childhood nutrition. She sees all age groups, but wants to offer a special place for teens. Connecting with teens on topics such as stress, school and nutritional challenges (she consults on eating disorders and weight concerns) is of special interest to her.

Jamie Lien, MD has been practicing pediatrics in San Diego for more than 10 years. She is especially excited to be caring for patients in her own community where her kids attend school. Her particular interests include pediatric nutrition and helping parents raise their children to lead balanced lives.



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